Which gackt are you?

esta raro el titulo y el test xD

pero estoy aburrida =9

You are the absolutely adorable and quirky NYAN NYAN Gackt.
Upon first listening to either U+K or Marmelade, many Gackt fans have a hard time believing he actually wrote these songs… they’re just so damn cute and cheerful!
Gackt definitely plays upon these hilarious stylistic disparities in his concerts by making their live performances an absolute riot to watch. U+K can’t seem to get any funnier with its dancing cats, men in tutus and Ren going “Nya nya nyanyaa (etc)”… but when one of those cats breakdances and Gackt jumps up and down screaming “Nyan!!”, you’ve probably fallen out of your chair in hysterics. The madness and weird Gackt-dancing continues into Marmelade as well. 

Which Gackt are you most like?
quiz by mcvarmazi



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